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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I literally sat here going through dozens of articles trying to figure out which one I would simple cut and paste in this blog and give credit to the writer. However, I couldn't find anything I thought would really resonant like my voice and passion for what I hope to relay, for the women that come seeking something that will fuel and ignite something inside. Well, here I am writing my first blog on my RISE page astonished at so much of what has manifested in my life. The good, bad, ugly and down right powerful. Things that have happened in my life since giving birth to this organization will one day surely be written in pen to bring hope to those that don't believe nothing can surely be made into something great. RISE is an extension of how I desire to live my life. Giving to others in a meaningful way, creating a community in my part of the world that opens doors for those that are often tossed away, ridiculed for their decisions and struggle to regain their footing. Helping gives me joy. What are your desires? What would you do everyday if money wasn't an issue? If life's perils weren't weighing you down how would you spend your days? Here are the daily things that motivate me, God, My daughters and helping people that desire to move from their current situation into their next. I believe I am designed to pave out solutions for people. I won't tell you what I do and the sacrifices are easy but I can't imagine doing anything else. I have quit and been fired from jobs all because they were not the key to my happiness. I learned needed skills and met life long friends all necessary to bring me to this point in my life. I hope you will walk out this journey with me and if you stick it out I believe you will find together we will laugh, cry and most importantly grow. My theme for 2020 is the "RISE, the Evolution of Me". Aren't you ready for 2020 to become the evolution of the women you were born to be. Until next time. Drop a comment below and tell me what topics you would like to discuss. Love R.C. Marshall

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