Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

This blog is designed to be a place I can write open and honestly about things that come up in my life in hopes that my journey will help you find comfort and support for the journey you are on. Many topics I will speak about will help you understand life isn't always easy and at times may seem down right unfair. But, as we matriculate on this journey you will also find many of my stories will strengthen you to move past where you are and push toward the evolution of yourself.

I have two little girls I call the Marshall girls one is 9 and the other is 10. I am a full time mom, entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, speaker and advocate for domestic violence. It sound like a lot (it is) and looks great on paper but the balancing routine necessary to pull them all off are sometimes daunting. If I didn't have great people around me to tell me to keep going and those beautiful faces of the Marshall girls I'm not sure I would have the stamina to prevail. But I do and I think this is a great place for us all to find support in one another. I am a plethora of resources so feel free to ask. I believe mental health is the most important thing one needs outside of a relationship with God. Everyday may not be a good day but everyday someone will be there to stand by your side and push or drag you into your success. I hope you are ok with blatant honesty with love. I don't believe anyone benefits from friends who don't have the heart to speak from an honest place. How do we become the best version of ourselves if we don't allow people we TRUST to be honest. Honesty is necessary to move from one level in life to another. Those you have around you should make a positive difference in your life. If not take time to evaluate then eliminate what doesn't help you grow. Until next time Love RC Marshall

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